A Penny For Your Pots: Give Your Kitchen A Great Look With A Penny Countertop!


A very fun home project to give your kitchen a great look that's unique is to cover your countertops in pennies. You should start out with a nice and smooth countertop. Keep in mind, if you have a lot of countertop space then this means converting enough money into pennies to cover them completely. You can clean the pennies with warm water and dish soap. You don't need to worry about making them germ-free, since they won't be exposed once the countertop is completed.

Prep the counter

You start by preparing the counter by scratching the surface with steel wool if it is smooth. Then, paint it a dark color. A dark color, such as black, will look better when it shows through from the spaces between the pennies.

Put the pennies in place

Once the paint has dried all the way, you will lay out all the pennies so they cover the counter. Mix it up so you don't have a clump of darker pennies all together, they should be randomly mixed in with the shinier ones. Make a dam around the edges by using aluminum flashing tape and make sure it goes higher than the epoxy will.

Epoxy the counter

Once all the pennies are laid out, you can mix the epoxy. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly as they are written and do not take any shortcuts or guess on any measurements. Slowly pour the epoxy at a steady and even motion from about two feet above the surface moving in a narrow stream, dropping down a level until you have covered a fair section of the pennies. Use a squeegee to evenly spread the epoxy and make sure it gets in all of the spaces between the pennies. Your first coat will not completely cover the pennies. Repeat this process until all the pennies are evenly covered. Use the point of a drywall screw to remove any bubbles, or you can quickly run a torch over the surface, but don't linger in one spot or you can burn the epoxy.

Complete the counter

Let the first coat dry 12 or so hours. Apply a second coat of epoxy in the same manner as the first and make sure you work out any new bubbles as well. Allow the epoxy to dry again for another 12 hours before you touch it. Once it is dry you should have a smooth and level countertop with pennies buried underneath the shiny surface. You can remove the dam you put up and smooth the edge with a very fine grit sandpaper or steel wool.

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8 September 2017

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